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Author and illustrator Sonny Dean writing at the age of two.
Sonny Dean

Sonny Dean is the author and illustrator of The Yellow Square of Stonewall, Iris and the Virus, One Equals Many, and Jean and the Vaccine. She lives in Maine in a cozy cottage by the sea, surrounded by a forest filled with an astonishing assortment of interesting creatures. She fled a successful career in corporate marketing to tell the stories that she would have liked to have read as a child. When she is not writing or drawing (or daydreaming), she can be found enjoying nature with her family, exploring museums, or curled up on her window seat with a towering heap of good books.


Bradford Norton is the author of two books, Assumptions, available in January 2025, and, Priorities, coming in Fall 2025. In his wildest dreams, he never expected to be an author, especially since he hated reading as a child. Now that he's found the right books, he loves reading- particularly science fiction and fantasy. He enjoys hiking, skiing, woodworking, and fiddling with machines in his cellar. He also keeps busy renovating old houses when he isn't writing. He lives in a cabin in the woods in New England with an absolutely terrifying monster also known as his third grader.

Author Bradford Norton at the age of three holding a teddy bear against a floral backdrop..
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